5 Movies Not to Watch Before Traveling

My list of 5 Movies Not to Watch Before Traveling is actually a list of movies every traveler should watch. The situations presented are extreme. They serve as an example of how things can go wrong when travelers are careless, over-trusting or naive.

When you travel, you put yourself out there in the world. You can’t control everything. You want to meet people and make new friends. That’s part of the beauty of traveling, especially if you’re traveling alone. You want new experiences. You want to go back home full of amazing stories to tell your family and friends. But you need to get back home in the first place, preferably in one piece.

You don’t have to be afraid when traveling. A few precautions can make the difference. Here is a simple list of things to consider:

  • Always tell someone where you’re going
  • Set a contact schedule. For example an email every week, a Facebook post every two days, a phone call every week. Whatever works for you
  • Let people know you’re going to a remote, isolated or dangerous place
  • Don’t fully trust strangers. Go with the flow but stay alert
  • Don’t do things to please others. If you think it’s wrong or too dangerous, stick with your instincts
  • Carry your identification and contacts with you at all times
  • Follow the rules if your life depends on it. For example, if you scuba dive, don’t skip any checks or safety precautions
  • Have a list of safety contacts like your hotel, police, embassy
  • I always wear military style dog tags… I know…
  • Try to find trustworthy organizations for the dangerous activities. Remember you normally get what you pay for
  • If it looks too good to be true, it probabily is…

This is by no means an extensive list of precautions. The idea is to alert the traveler to understand that even a simple detail can make a difference.

Now let’s have a look at my movie selection.

5 Movies Not to Watch Before Traveling

Warning: the movies on my list of movies not to watch before traveling are a bit scary. Don’t let the life and death situations put you off.

#5: Hostel

Where are you going to sleep tonight? Choose wisely…

#4: 127 Hours

Always let someone know where you’re going… based on a true story.
Another Danny Boyle movie gets on my list, after My 5 Most Inspirational Travel Movies.

#3: Gone

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. This works both ways. Someone might seem cool, but sooner or later the real personality will surface…

#2: Open Water

When your life depends on everyone following safety rules… Another movie based on a true story.

And the Oscar goes to…

#1: Turistas

If something looks too good to be true, maybe it is too good to be true. Drinking and partying in exotic places sounds like fun until things get out of control…

Honorable Mention

Black Water

Keep your hands inside the boat…

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