Building Walls And Living Inside a Box

Most people live their lives in the safest way possible. It’s part of our education. Let’s call it living inside a box. We choose to narrow our vision of life to the box, keeping to our comfort zone, but what if our happiness is outside the box?

A safe life is never getting exposed to other realities and lifestyles. We build upon what we learn from the previous generations, sometimes without questioning. Most people dislike change.

How can you evolve and reach your full potential without challenging yourself? How can you live a more meaningful and fulfilling life without leaving your comfort zone? You already know what it’s like living inside a box, aren’t you curious to see what’s outside?

Having a safe job is very different from doing what you love. A safe job pays your bills and helps you progress with your life, but it’s not your project. You’re working on somebody else’s project, somebody else’s dream. Sometimes at a great cost to all the other things you love. What are your dreams?

Living Inside a Box

I watched a TV show the other day and there was a scene about a relationship. She needed to feel safe and forced him to give her an answer. She wanted to know if she could count on him and if he would be there for her. He told her he would be. She insisted, mentioning the papers, as he was a foreigner. He told her he didn’t need any papers. She wanted to get him a job that would make it easier for him to get the papers. He told her that he didn’t need any papers, that he already had a job. He was a painter, but she didn’t see that as a job, it didn’t come with a regular income. She kept pushing her vision of life onto him, stressing that she needed assurance and safety. His lifestyle wasn’t normal. I love you, she told him. He loved her back. He kissed her, packed his bags and left.

Could these two different people, with different life approaches build a life together? Did she let go of happiness because she didn’t want to stop living in a box?

Build a Bridge, Not Walls

Why is it so hard to build a bridge so that two different ideas, opinions and lifestyles can meet half way? Why is it so hard to build a bridge so that it’s possible to respect each other’s visions, ways of life, beliefs, and dreams?

When we fail to build the bridge like we do most of the time, people start building walls. Walls surround us so we live inside a box. We get so used to living inside a box that anything outside scares us. We try to live a safe life, avoiding any type of change, not knowing if it’s better than what’s in our box.

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