Dancing Like a Rapa Nui

The stage view was perfect from the first chair of the second row. Around 40 people were on stage, 20 musicians and the rest were dancers. Percussion, rhythm, energy, stamina, beauty, and sensuality. It was the Kari Kari ballet at Hanga Roa, Easter Island.

One of the girls grabbed my hand and took me to the stage. I tried dancing with her, but stupidly, I was dancing like her. Then I remembered she danced with warriors, not with someone trying to imitate feminine movements. What was I thinking?! I might as well have my head replaced with an Easter Island head! I changed the style, but it still wasn’t going as I wanted. At the end, she gave me a kiss and took me back to my seat.

Later in the show, a man in the first row refused a girl’s invitation and she turned to me. Again I was on my way to the stage hand in hand with a beautiful Rapa Nui dancer. This time I was ready.

I patiently waited for my turn, observing the warriors. She took me to the center of the stage and started dancing. I started dancing around her to the sound of the drums, in a kind of a completely crazy samba style, moving my arms the way I saw the warriors do it. The crowd went mad and applauded my effort! I was in crazy mode, but if it lasted 20 seconds more, my legs wouldn’t have coped with the effort I was making. In the end, I got a big round of applause and another kiss from the girl. Back at my seat, the man sitting next to me asked if I was a Rapa Nui, in a clear sign of appreciation for what I had just done.

I was euphoric when I left the show! Happy, in a mood that is hard to describe, I looked up at the magnificent starry sky. The night ended with the longest and brightest shooting star I had ever seen! It was an incredible way to say goodbye to Rapa Nui. I was feeling a mix of happiness and sadness, as I was completely overwhelmed by this beautiful and friendly island, but sad to say goodbye.

I was looking for my seat on the plane. A man sitting on the aisle looked up at me, pointed and smiled. I smiled back. I was certain he was at the show the night before.

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