Falling in Love in Alice Springs

That morning I decided to talk to her. I didn’t want to cause any awkward situations, so I was patient.

I just couldn’t find a way to get close to her, although I wasn’t obsessed by it. I just wanted an opportunity to tell her what I thought of her and how I felt. If it didn’t happen, it just wasn’t meant to be.

We had spent a whole week on a tour through the Australian outback to Uluru. The tour finished at Alice Springs and I was running out of time.

I had my eye on her during the whole tour, but I never made a move. I tend to overthink things. Some guys just go for it and I think a lot of them end up getting the girls. I’m more of a charmer. I take my time and let things happen naturally without creating embarrassing situations. But this approach takes time that I didn’t have.

That night we had our last dinner together as a group. Things were not going my way, I just couldn’t find the opportunity to talk to her.

I wasn’t thinking about it anymore when she came up to me and I had the perfect opportunity to invite her for a drink. She accepted. I decided it was the right moment to lay all my cards on the table, something I usually have a hard time doing. I spent the whole week dreaming about that beautiful Dutch girl. From that moment on, we didn’t let go of each other…

As the shuttle drove off towards Alice Springs airport, I looked back over my shoulder to see her one more time. It was possibly the last time I would ever see her. A moment before, I left my backpack in the luggage compartment, went up to her and gave her a last kiss.

At the boarding gate, I started to feel what was happening. I thought of getting out of there and going back to Alice Springs looking for her. I really wanted to go back, but I didn’t.

As I sat on the plane, I couldn’t get my beautiful Dutch girl off my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking of her throughout the whole flight.

There was a stopover at Melbourne, but I don’t even remember being there. It’s so hard to find someone you think is right. Leaving her behind was so hard, but it was the logical thing to do, I think. We would have another 24 hours together and then she would have left me to go back to Holland.

I arrived at Auckland in New Zealand feeling tired and empty. My Worldwide Travel project seemed secondary at that point. I don’t remember ever feeling this way…

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