Hell With a Bad Smell

We started a tough seven-hour local bus ride without air con between Jodhpur and Udaipur in India. Although early in the morning, the temperature was only bearable. After an hour or two, it hits 40 degrees quite easy. To make it worse, this was in May which they say is the hottest month in India.

A travel buddy sitting behind me makes a desperate groan. He needed an urgent toilet stop. Our group leader went to talk to the bus driver, but he refused to stop. The next stop wouldn’t happen for another half hour.

I grabbed one of my instant Imodium and gave it to my friend. He almost didn’t have time to put it in his mouth. I crossed my fingers. Nobody wanted an already tough bus ride to transform into hell with a bad smell. I also didn’t want my friend to suffer anymore.

An hour and a half later the bus still hadn’t made the stop. My friend was ok, the Imodium worked. I don’t think I have ever seen someone so pleased to have me on a bus before.

This friend of mine was a complicated case of travellers’ diarrhea. Although advised otherwise, even by the group leader, he insisted on having curries at almost every meal. Through the worse period of diarrhea, he ate bread and white rice to recover. As soon as he felt a little better, he went back to the curries, never giving his body time to completely adjust and heal itself.

I think the punishment was bigger than the benefit. He was in trouble a lot of times and I think he could have avoided it. Sometimes times it’s better to take it easy for a few days so you can enjoy the rest of your trip.

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