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Life is an infinite repetition. Events repeat over and over again not only in our lives but throughout history. The weight of Human existence is based on continuous decision making, repeating processes and facing routines. This is how we walk through life. I usually say we are the product of our decisions made within the circumstances around us. But not always.
What if our decisions had no real value, and we were free of the infinite cycle of heavy decisions? What if our decisions were weightless? How would we behave and think if our days were a flow of circumstantial decisions with no real significance?
Getting in Traveling mode opens this possibility, for when we travel, we momentarily free ourselves from our daily responsibilities and problems. We can change our routines without heavy consequences. We can change our behavior as we enjoy the lightness of our time while traveling. I call this the Traveling Spirit.
Unlike life, the traveling spirit is not cyclical, in the sense that a traveler lives through the traveling spirit until the moment passes, the journey ends, or the true nature of the person catches up.
Travel decisions like choosing a hotel or where to go next are insignificant, deprived of any real importance. This type of decision-making, when done for a long enough period, becomes unbearable. Most of us need the weight of important decisions and their outcomes because that’s what we’re built for. That’s what makes us feel important and useful.
I always say the journey is as important as the destination, if not more important. Jumping from place to place means we lose the in-between. Sometimes, the in-between surprises us by opening new paths to explore. The in-between is an opportunity for the unexpected. There are travel moments I need nothing and just enjoy life happening around me. I enjoy getting lost in my thoughts or when I think of the people I love. This normally happens on the journey. At the destination, I focus on exploring the highlights.
Not all of us have the opportunity to let go and travel. Some people carry the weight of too much responsibility. Others don’t find the right circumstances. Some simply decide not to do it.
Let me challenge you to join me in the unbearable lightness of a journey around the world. Put your projects on hold for a moment. Press the pause button on your dreams. Restrain your passions for a while. Let us get in Traveling mode together.
Together we will climb active volcanoes. Trek on glaciers. Survive whitewater rafting on great rivers. Scuba dive the great oceans. Visit magical and spiritual places. See the world’s architecture. Taste exotic food. Understand different cultures. Visit World Heritage Sites. Volunteer. Make new friends. Experience intense moments. See wildlife. Drive on the greatest roads. Fall in love. Be astonished by breathtaking scenery. Relax on beautiful beaches.

Sit back, get in traveling mode and enjoy the trip. I will make this personal. Let me show you the world through my eyes.

Let my travel stories be your travel stories.

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