My 5 Most Inspirational Travel Movies

The challenge was to choose my top 5 most inspirational travel movies.

And the Oscar goes to…

The Darjeeling Limited!

What?! Hmmm… Errr, I’m sorry, wrong movie!

Jokes aside, it is a great travel movie and would make my top 10 most inspirational travel movies.

My Top 5 Most Inspirational Travel Movies

#5: The Art of Travel

When things don’t work out, go looking for adventure. It’s not running away. It’s taking a moment to figure things out and clear your head. If you’re lucky, maybe you can find yourself in the process. Maybe even fall in love. I’m fascinated by this part of the world.

#4: Before Sunrise

One evening together. Sometimes that’s all you need. I relate to this movie because it happened to me. Instead of a train in Europe, we met on a tour to Perito Moreno in Patagonia. The traveling spirit can open you up for intense, sometimes magical moments.

#3: Elizabethtown

I love road trips and this one has Kirsten Dunst. If all stewardess were like Kirsten Dunst…
Let go. Let someone else inspire you for a while. See through someone else’s eyes and maybe your perspective will change for the better.

#2: Into The Wild

They say it’s all about the journey, not the destination. I fell in love with the way Christopher touches people’s lives along his journey. Beautiful. The need for adventure. Some people have the courage to go after their dream.
The amazing soundtrack by Eddie Vedder always travels with me. This Sean Penn movie makes you think and is based on a true story.

And the Oscar goes to…

#1: The Beach

This movie by Danny Boyle has it all: a great soundtrack, adventure, craziness, danger, paradise, utopia, love, treason, death, and amazing scenery. A backpackers dream. Did I mention a mysterious map?

Honorable Mention

The Darjeeling Limited

What are your favorite travel movies?

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