My Essential Travel Gear

My essential travel gear is a list full of very useful electronics and gadgets I aways pack for every worldwide trip.

My Essential Travel Gear: Electronics

The idea of disconnecting from your life while traveling is quite romantic, but even considering myself a romantic person, I just can’t completely disconnect. I can go for days without a phone or Internet connection, but I have people back home that worry abut me so I feel the need to let them know what I’m up to. Having my electronics with me just means I can choose to use them or not.

Here is my list of essential travel electronics:

  • Smartphone: essential for Internet access and Skype sessions plus any emergency phone call;
  • iPad: for blogging and destination research;
  • iPod: I don’t go anywhere without my music. Some people say you should just listen to local sounds. I do both;
  • Portable charger for those remote adventures;
  • DSLR camera, memory cards and extra battery;
  • Point and shoot camera for pictures on the move (like bus rides, train trips, road trips etc.);
  • A simple plastic wristwatch. Funny that I don’t normally wear a watch, but on the road I need to make sure I get to places on time to catch planes, buses, etc. Yes I could use my smartphone but I prefer being discrete with electronics;
  • World Travel Adapter with Dual USB Charger;

My Essential Travel Gear: Gadgets

Besides my electronics, I take loads of useful stuff for several situations. Imagine you arrive late at a hostel and want to find your bed in a dorm. Do you turn on the light? No, use a flashlight so you don’t disturb others. If you need to store important stuff in a locker, you will need a padlock. What if you want to open a bottle of wine, a beer or cut something? That Swiss knife always comes in handy.

Here is my list of travel gadgets:

It looks like a long list, but a lot of the stuff is small and packs well. Most of it goes in my backpack, except for my electronics, always in my daypack. Also, you buy this stuff once and it lasts for several trips.

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