My Travel Motivation

My travel motivation came from several factors. Why did I decide to create my Worldwide Travel Experience?

My Travel Motivation I

I will start by saying that I love traveling. The whole process of being away and discovering new places has always fascinated me. At least twice a year I took a vacation to somewhere new, normally with a group of friends. The problem was the normal work vacation period just wasn’t enough. We spend our adult life working all year round, taking around 25 non-consecutive days off to do what makes us happy. That’s not enough to go further away and completely let go.

My Travel Motivation II

A few years back I read a travel book that opened up my mind to a different reality. The writer finished a degree in management and only needed 7 months on a 9 to 5 job to figure out his journey was on a road going in the opposite direction. He left his job and traveled the world. Writing about his adventures for a newspaper, his articles got published as a book. Several books later, he is a worldwide traveler that went on great adventures. That was inspiring! His name is Gonçalo Cadilhe and he is Portuguese.

My Travel Motivation III

There is so much going on in this fast paced world we live in. Extinction is a serious worldwide problem. Forests are disappearing, entire species are in danger and cultures are changing everywhere. I wanted to expose myself to this reality and find a way to help make a difference.

We see these issues happening every day, but we think the big problems will never happen in our lifetime. What are we going to leave to the next generations?

We have to act now and worldwide traveling is a way of seeing things and opening our minds to things that aren’t happening on our doorstep. Traveling can give you ideas on ways to help.

My Travel Motivation IV

Another travel inspiration came from another serious issue. I read about the peak oil theory in which, to keep it simple, we have reached the point of maximum rate of petroleum extraction. A bit paranoid, I know. While reading this theory, I imagined plane tickets at crazy prices to the point that a normal person would no longer afford to fly. From paranoid to hysterical, I know.

My Travel Motivation V

Maybe the main reason I decided to travel was a midlife crisis. I had just turned 40 and instead of buying a new car, I bought a plane ticket. It didn’t really happen like that, as I had already been saving for my travel project for a couple of years. I just felt the time was right. I don’t think about retirement, but I know I don’t want to leave such an important dream as traveling for when I’m older. You never know what can happen between now and then, if you’re lucky to get there.

My Travel Motivation VI

In the end, I guess I was just tired of working from 9 to 5 and wanted to do something different. I realized I was working to make money, but also to make shareholders richer. That lifestyle wasn’t taking me anywhere meaningful, so I decided to get out of my comfort zone and discover new paths. That’s how my travel project that I call My Worldwide Travel Experience became a reality.
The next step was to decide where to go!

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