Overlanding in Africa

We were a big group of different people, nationalities, personalities and ages stuck in a truck on an overland tour in Africa. The trip was actually two tours put together. The first half took us from Cape Town to Victoria Falls. The second part took us from Victoria Falls to Nairobi. We almost always stayed at campsites.

In the beginning, it was fine. I got along as well as I could with the group. I had my favorite people with whom I would hang around. After dinner, three of us usually sat down by the campfire and had a drink.The rest of the group went to bed early.

One night, a few of us head to the camp bar and had a little more to drink than usual. We stayed up a bit late and although we tried to control our volume, we made more noise than we should have. At breakfast, the next day, one of the older guys in the group gave a speech on how he couldn’t sleep because of the noise we made. For that reason, he wasn’t going to be able to enjoy the day.

Yes, we did make too much noise. Yes, it did bother other people. But there was actually another group camping, and they didn’t complain. Instead of staying up all night not being able to sleep, he could have just gotten out of his tent and talked to us. For sure we would have been more careful, solving the problem. But that would have taken his glorious group moment away from him. He had to make his point to the group. By the way, he didn’t talk for the most part of the tour. When he did, it was to complain…

This situation is a good example of what can happen when traveling in a group of strangers. You’re in a group, but you’re not. This guy simply didn’t talk to anyone on the whole trip and when he did, it was to give us a sermon. It was as if he was waiting for something to happen so he could surface his moralistic views.

The group changed on the second part of the trip, changing the group dynamics. People that I liked left the group, but I also met new friends. I stopped hanging out with some of the group that remained, especially the group of girls.

They were so annoying together it got to the point that I stopped talking to them. They started talking at 6 am and would not stop throughout the long hours on the road. I wore my earphones so I wouldn’t have to listen to their voices anymore. The trip was definitely too long to be around the same people. The honeymoon period was definitely over.

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