Some you Win, Some you Lose

Puerto Iguazú is a small Argentinian town known for its amazing waterfalls. A small town means a small airport with not that many available services. After landing, I walked from side to side of the arrival hall, checking all available options for a transfer to the city center.

There wasn’t much to choose from: an expensive private transport, an expensive taxi, and an airport shuttle. There was no local bus. I decided to take the airport shuttle that left passengers at the central bus station in town. I only bought a one-way ticket with the goal of finding a cheaper local bus for the return trip.

It turned out there was no such thing as a local bus heading to the airport and the only cheap option was the airport shuttle for which I did not buy a return ticket. After some confusion trying to solve the problem of getting to the airport, I ended up returning by taxi, spending more than double of what I would have spent if I had bought that damn return ticket. This is what happens when you don’t do your research.

To buy a ticket on a Buenos Aires bus, you need the exact change for the machine. Knowing that, I bought a chocolate at Puerto Iguazú airport to get the needed coin. When I arrived in Buenos Aires, the day’s bad karma kept following me (I think it was LAN getting revenge). While I was in the line waiting for the bus, my only 1 peso coin stupidly fell down a drain. I had to go back to the arrival hall and get another coin. I asked for change at every shop, but nobody had any available. It’s almost impossible to break a note at Buenos Aires airport. It was so frustrating! I had no alternative but to buy another chocolate and get the peso at a shop that a minute before didn’t have any coins…

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