Travel Pharmacy for Backpackers

I created my travel pharmacy for backpackers with the following assumptions:

  • I wouldn’t be able to find the medicine I’m used to in foreign countries.
  • Avoid dealing with language barriers. Think of how hard it can be to explain yourself at a pharmacy or not being able to read the medication information.

I take a small pharmacy containing the basic medicine for easy to solve situations like the flu, colds, diarrheas, headaches, etc.

My little travel pharmacy for backpackers spends most of the time at the bottom of my backpack. I used it a few times to help other travelers that crossed my path as most travelers I meet on my trips aren’t as prepared as I am. I knew I was going to use some of the items, like the insect repellent and the malaria pills. The other stuff I take as a preventive measure.

A Small Travel Pharmacy For Backpackers

I have the following items in a red waterproof bag in my backpack at all times:

Make sure to add your own prescriptions to this list and something for allergies if you have any. It’s also a good idea to take you eyeglasses prescription in case you lose your glasses or need to buy contact lenses.

Travel Size First-aid Kit

I also have a very compact first-aid kit specially designed for travelers like this MediSpor 100-Piece First Aid Kit. This is another item you hope you never use but can come in handy for example in adventure sports, long hikes, cycling tours, etc. My first-aid kit included the following items:

  • Thermometer;
  • Band-aids of several sizes;
  • Bandages;
  • Gauze;
  • Scissors;
  • Cotton;
  • Adhesive tape;
  • Elastic/compression bandage wrap for sprains and strains;

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