Trouble in Zanzibar

We were at Zanzibar and three of us went to a beach party while the rest of the group went to bed. We had a lot to drink, including shots. Zanzibar parties are a bit crazy, with locals hooking up with tourists (or the other way round). Everything happens at beach bars in a paradise type scenario.

After having a lot of fun and resisting a lot of temptation, I was still able to get to my room on my own. I’m not so sure this was a good thing… A friend of mine was not so lucky. The next day we heard two versions of his story

My friend’s version was simple: he was having fun, talking to a local girl when a group of local guys approached him. They accused him of messing around with their friend’s wife. Our group leader showed up and my friend just went back to his room. End of story.

Our group leader told us a different version: He was having fun like everyone was. He was chatting with a local girl and was suddenly surrounded by several local guys on the beach. One of the guys was accusing him of messing with his wife. He was paying attention to all that was happening and ran in his direction. He immediately sent him back to his room, making sure he was safe. Then he talked to the group of guys and calmed them down.

Two different versions of the same event. The point here is sometimes a traveler doesn’t completely understand what he’s getting himself into and for that reason, it’s great to have someone to look out for you. Nothing happened because our CEO was looking out for us.

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