Unexpected Travel Side-Effect

I’m a goal-oriented type of person. I always have a vision of what I want and work hard to make that vision a reality. The realization of a vision makes me happy. I then let go and move on to the next vision. This changed because of an unexpected travel side-effect.

In general, my goals were career oriented. A university degree, a master in IT Engineering and a great job as IT manager. I was on the path of success and wanted recognition as a good professional. I wanted a healthy financial condition that would reward me with a comfortable life. This was the plan and it was working.

Then I had the vision to travel the world and made this vision come true. I never felt happier. Leaving my comfort zone was amazing. Not thinking about tomorrow, living one day at a time was an exhilarating experience. There was no master plan.

The Unexpected Travel Side-Effect

When I stopped traveling for a while, something changed. I had no vision. I no longer saw anything ahead, which meant there was nothing to create, fulfill or complete. It was a frightening feeling that I never had before.

I battled with myself for several months, but I still couldn’t see anything ahead. Nothing. I felt blind. For the first time in my life, I didn’t have anything to work for and I felt lost. I had no plan and my cycle of vision, work, accomplishment, and happiness broke down.

It took months to understand what was going on with me. The process of traveling the world rewired my brain. This sounds exaggerated, but that’s what happened. Exposing myself to different realities in the world made me see how narrow my life was. Opening up and getting out of my comfort zone made me feel alive and powerful.

My visions stopped because I was forcing myself to think in the same mental model I had before traveling. That mental model did not work for me anymore. My ambitions changed, they were no longer related to a master plan of building a career. Realizing this steered me in another direction. It helped me focus on applying my strengths on new ideas. I could do anything I wanted! I could create my own meaningful projects, so it was time to break free from the expected social norms.

A New Vision

A new vision started to form. My life is free from shareholders, managers, co-workers and all the baggage that comes with a 9 to 5 job. I’m creative, working on my own ideas, following my dreams and not somebody else’s dreams. My days are full of meaningful projects. I lead a healthy, spiritual and connected life, spending quality time with the people I love. I continue traveling the world. There is no place for constant competition and greed. Money and social acknowledgment lost its importance.

This vision is my new living model and I focus all my energy on making it come true. Instead of a master plan, I now have a lifestyle vision. I’m still the person that has visions and works hard to make them a reality. The change is I want a different reality.

This change of ambition was an unexpected travel side-effect I thought only I was suffering from. Then I came across a post written by Heart My Backpack. She describes a similar effect in How Travel Killed My Ambition. Reading this post made me feel connected. Now I know there are more like me out there.

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