Worldwide Group Travel

Worldwide group travel is a good travel style if you don’t want to travel solo.
By group travel I mean small group tours (less than 20 people) with a duration of a few days to several weeks, offered by companies like G-Adventures, Intrepid Travel and local companies for specific tours.

Getting on a Tour

You find a tour that looks interesting and sign-up for it. You normally pay the tour in advance and have to pay an extra amount at the destination for the local expenses. If you’re a single traveler but want a private room during the itinerary, you have to pay a single supplement. You can still get lucky and have your own room if all the other single travelers pay the supplement.

If you really want to figure out who your fellow travelers are, try finding the tour companies’ discussion forums if they have one. Sometimes people announce they’re going on a tour and you can contact them, although I never did this.

I traveled with groups several times and even having a few issues, my balance is positive. Making new friends and visiting them on other trips was definitely worth it.

Worldwide Group Travel Advantages

  • You have company;
  • Different people bring different experiences which you can learn from;
  • Logistics are normally taken care of;
  • You can do group activities that are harder to do alone;
  • Sometimes you go with the flow of the group, which can push you out of your comfort zone;
  • If you’re lucky, you might make new friends;

Worldwide Group Travel Disadvantages

  • You pay a fixed price, although you might spend more money when engaging in extra group activities;
  • Fellow travelers might not be your type of people;
  • You go around as a group, leaving less space for the individual;
  • You’re on a fixed itinerary, not leaving much room for spontaneity;
  • A group of travelers (even small one) is normally seen as a group of tourists, making it harder to interact with the locals;
  • Some personalities tend to be dominant and things can get nasty;

The Honeymoon Period of Worldwide Group Travel

I learned that the time you stay in the group is crucial. More than 20 days doesn’t work and my theory is simple: while inside the first two to three weeks, you have a honeymoon period where everyone gets along fine and just enjoys the trip.

When you stay longer, the honeymoon period fades away because people start bringing their “home self” to the trip. People start talking about their problems and behave outside the Traveling Spirit. They start showing their personality with virtues and flaws and this is where different personalities start to clash. I saw this happen and it wasn’t pleasant.

5 Reasons to Choose Worldwide Group Travel

For my Worldwide Macató travel experience I chose worldwide group travel with companies like and Intrepid Travel on some of my trips. There are many reasons to book a place in a travel group, but here are my Worldwide Travel Tips top 5:

  1. Have the Travel Experts take care of the itinerary so you don’t have to make too many choices on the road;
  2. Don’t worry about logistics: transportation, booking hotels, site tickets, etc are all taken care of. Relax and enjoy the ride;
  3. Meet new friends, if you’re lucky;
  4. Do things that you would normally not do alone;
  5. The adventure feels safer as the group gives you the idea of protection;

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