Worldwide Travel Insurance

Worldwide Travel Insurance is one of those things you need and never want to use. I had travel insurance in Africa, Cambodia, and Nepal, developing countries. I also had travel insurance in Australia and New Zealand, first world countries. The point is you can be unlucky anywhere in the world, so you need to think about your own protection before leaving home.

In my opinion, the money spent is worth the confidence it gives you while on the road. I’m lucky and never had to use my worldwide travel insurance so far, but I never leave home without it.

Worldwide Travel Insurance and Adventure Travel

Nowadays, companies like Worldnomads specialize in adventure travel. This means you can do crazy stuff like bungee jumping and scuba diving and still get Travel Insurance. Crazy isn’t it? With Worldnomads, just remember to choose the Explorer option for the extra advantages.

Worldwide Travel Insurance: Electronics

Another cool thing is getting worldwide travel insurance for your electronics. I travel with an iPad, a Nikon DSLR D5100, and an iPhone. My worldwide travel insurance covers most of the cost in case of theft. Cool right? Wait! Most of the cost? Although Worldnomads doesn’t cover the maximum value of my stuff, they cover up to 1.400 EUR, so it still gives me peace of mind knowing that in a worst-case scenario, if all is stolen, I get a nice amount to buy new stuff adding a little extra money from my own pocket. This depends of course, on the value of your electronics.

Remember: always read the small print. As an example, to be considered stolen, you have to have the equipment safely locked. If you leave your camera in a car with the door unlocked and it’s stolen, that’s your fault and therefore you won’t be covered by your worldwide travel insurance. If anything happens, you will have to provide proof, so don’t forget to ask for police reports and any other necessary documents.

Where is Your Insurance Valid?

Keep in mind that worldwide travel insurance is normally valid for international travel only, so make sure you get your start and ending days right. This means that if you only leave your country on day 2, you don’t need international insurance on day 1. Also, with companies like Worldnomads you can easily access your worldwide travel insurance policy online and extend it. This is a great feature, because if you’re not sure how long your trip will last, don’t buy worldwide travel insurance for the whole trip at the beginning. Extend your worldwide travel insurance as you go along.

Insurance Details

Another important tip: add the insurance company emergency contacts to your devices. Also have the details in print with your travel documents. You never know when you might need to make that phone call, send that email or have somebody else do it on your behalf.

Worldwide Travel Insurance Documents

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